Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Stories: The Glue that Holds the City Together

City Clerk Dottie Joiner was honored in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Hurricane Irma

Editorial: Lighter Moments in Demanding Times

Dan Summers shares stories from his career in emergency services.
Hurricane Irma

How Farms Are Recovering Post-Irma

Farmers are desperately fighting to save their businesses in the wake of the damage from Hurricane Irma.
Hurricane Irma

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary to Celebrate Full Reopening

From Dec. 7-10, enjoy the post-Hurricane Irma grand reopening festivities.
Hurricane Irma

One-On-One: Director of Collier County Bureau of Emergency Services Dan Summers

“We need to be telling people they need seven days of self-sufficiency.”
Food + Dining Main

Sea Salt’s Recent Focus? How to Help

From a five-course collaboration for the American Red Cross to luncheons for David Lawrence Center and Audubon, the Third Street South powerhouse...
Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Stories: The Event

A reader recounts her stay in Mirror Lakes Elementary during the hurricane.
Hurricane Irma

The Status of Our Parks

See if your favorite park or nature center is accessible yet after the storm.
Hot Dish

Gumbo—and Ice Cream and BBQ—for the Soul

In the eye of the recovery, Fort Myers restaurants and chefs rose to the occasion.
Hurricane Irma

Post-Irma: How to Help

Ways to help Southwest Florida recover from Hurricane Irma.
Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Stories

Tales of how Southwest Florida came together before, during and after Hurricane Irma.
Hot Dish

Meals that Warmed the Heart

After Irma, Naples has been pretty bleak. We salute these restaurants that are opening or have opened their doors for gatherings that...
Hurricane Irma

Fifth Avenue South Coming Back to Life

After getting hit hard by Irma, the Naples hot spot is slowly recovering.
Arts + Culture

Post-Irma Culture Check-in

Will those concert tickets hold up? Can you still plan to attend that exhibit? Is your child’s art class still taking place?...
Hurricane Irma

Southwest Florida Gives Back

Ways the community has stepped up to help those in need in the wake of Hurricane Irma